HMI & Sensors Engineer

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop the HMI of the exoskeleton, including the user interface, display, and feedback systems with sensor integrations.


  • Experience with embedded programming (e.g. STM32, Arduino, ESP32)
  • ⁠Basic PCB design skills
  • Has worked with typical sensors in mechatronics, such as inertial, contact and optical sensors
  • Knowledge of CAD design is very welcome
  • ⁠At least 8h/week availability

Additional Qualifications:

  • Experience in designing and developing HMIs and ergonomic systems for exoskeletons or similar wearable robotics.
  • Experience in designing and implementing control algorithms for HMI and ergonomic systems.
  • Familiarity with virtual and augmented reality technologies for HMIs.
  • Familiarity with biomechanics and human anatomy.