Competing without barriers.

CYBATHLON is a multidisciplinary competition organized by ETH Zurich taking place every four years, where people with physical disabilities compete using technical aids. It is a place where people and technology unite as one, to bring the vision of a world without barriers to reality. The competition is composed of 8 disciplines:

  1. ROB – Assistance Robot Race
  2. VIS – Vision Assistance Race
  3. ARM – Arm Prosthesis Race
  4. BCI – Brain-Computer Interface Race
  5. EXO – Powered Exoskeleton Race
  6. FSS – Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race
  7. LEG – Leg Prosthesis Race
  8. WHL – Wheelchair Race

Our first goal as DASH, is to participate in the upcoming Powered Exoskeleton Race in CYBATHLON 2024. In this discipline, pilots wearing the lower-limb exoskeleton designed and developed by the teams must carry out everyday tasks, such as climbing and descending stairs, crossing obstacles in the street, etc.

More information on CYBATHLON can be found here: